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Online Casino Games

When it comes to online casino games everyone has their own set of favourites and casinos usually cater for a broad range of tastes and have a choice of many popular casino games to choose from. Problem is what happens when you aren't familiar with the games and are not sure where to start? In this article we will be taking a look at some of the more popular online casino games and how they are played.

Popular Casino Games Online and Offline

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Traditional Slots

These games are generally of the older 3 reel, single payline type and are very simple to understand and play. Although these games lack the sophistication and features of the newer video slot varieties they are still very popular and offer good value for money.

These traditional slots games usually feature 3 reels with a single payline. Wagers are based on the max bet amount stipulated on the game or machine. This is typically 3 to 5 coins or credits and one can either feed the game from your account or play off credits stored from previous wins. These credits are usually shown in the credits field or "window" on the game. In the case of a three coin game one can choose to bet one, two or three (Max Bet) coins on any one spin.

Once the bet is placed the spin button is pressed to start the game and the reels spin together and stop in sequence to reveal symbols that may or may not line up on the payline. Wins are calculated according to which symbols appear on the line and how many coins were bet on the spin. A schedule of all possible wins is laid out clearly on a "Paytable" on the game screen if you are unsure of any symbol combination.

Multi Line Slots

These games represent the new video slot generation of slots and although there are more complex than the old school slots, offer far more in terms of features and win possibilities. These games typically feature 5 reels and between 5 and 25 paylines. These are known as "Buy Line" games as you literally buy a number of lines to play each time you bet.

The basic slots game principles still apply in that games are decided according to which symbols line up on the lines at the end of a spin. The difference between these and single payline games lies in the betting structure. One can choose to buy all 25 lines for instance and bet anywhere between 1 and the max bet per line limit of the game for each spin.

So if the game has a 10 credit per line limit and you feel lucky you can bet 10 credits per line on all 25 lines for a total bet of 250 credits. In addition these games offer other bonus features such as free spins, random progressive jackpots and wild symbols which make the play that much more interesting.

Tables Games


Roulette is a game played at a table with a wheel that has 37 colour coded and numbered segments or divisions around its centre. There is a betting "layout" with the same 0 - 36 number and colour sequence on the table. At the beginning of each game the wheel is spun by the dealer. Then a small ivory ball is spun into the revolving wheel where it will spin with the wheel until the slowing wheel allows it to move towards the centre and into one of the segments. Bets are placed based on which segment the ball falls into.


Blackjack is a card game also sometimes known as "21's". It is played at a half round table that typically seats 5 players. The point of the game is to assemble a hand of cards which has a number value closer to 21 than that off the dealer. If you hand exceeds 21 you "bust" or loose by default. If it less than 21 and higher than the dealers you win. This is a simplistic overview and more details and rules will be available at the table.


Craps is a fairly complicated dice game that is based on the outcome of the rolls of two dice by a "shooter" or player rolling the dice. Other players at the table bet on the outcome of these rolls according to a set of conditions marked on the table layout. Craps is a difficult game to master but very rewarding once you understand all the subtleties.


Baccarat shares several similarities in structure and rules with Blackjack. In Baccarat the hand maximum is 9 and not 21 and the card ranking is also different in that the 10 and all face cards are valued at 0. Other than that the basic principle remains the same. Baccarat is know to have a very low house advantage and is thus potentially very lucrative.

Some Other Casino Games


This very popular numbers game has its origins in China and has become extremely popular in both live and online casinos. Sharing several similarities with games such as lotto and bingo Keno is played by choosing 10 numbers between 1 and 80 on a pre-marked card. Twenty numbered balls are then drawn out of a barrel and winners determined on the number of player selections that correspond to the draw numbers. Keno is cheap to play and can deliver very attractive winnings.

Instant Win Games and Arcade Games

These very popular side games are too numerous to cover in the space available but include games such as bottle tops, Quickfire lotto, Hi Lo, arcade style horse or dog races and scratch cards. They are a fun distraction from the mainstream games and are often quite profitable. These are, of course, only a small selection of popular online casino games available. Each casino will have its particular selection of games and these selections will usually be the main deciding factor on which casinos you'll end up staying with. The easiest way of finding out which casinos have which games is to visit games directory sites such as

games casino which normally feature large selections of casino information.